How this yoga instructor uses practical poses for mystical results

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yoga instructor Wini Linguvic on the Mean Podcast

Wini Linguvic of The Elevate Practice

This interview with Wini Linguvic of The Elevate Practice was the first Mean podcast I recorded, but somehow it ended up being published third. What can I say, I’m known to be out-of-order on occasion. In any case, it’s a great interview. Wini is extremely knowledgeable, well-spoken, and hilarious.

Wini’s yoga class is not like any other I’ve been to in the more than 20 years I’ve been practicing—I’m no expert but I’ve taken a lot of classes. When I moved out of San Francisco to the small beachside town of Pacifica, I was a dedicated Pilates practitioner and instructor. I couldn’t find a class I liked nearby, so I tried out Wini’s yoga class. I soon realized I didn’t miss Pilates because while her instruction is very different, it includes the practical movement I loved in Pilates, minus the horrible hundreds, plus her immense knowledge about the body, her New York accent, an amazing community, and lots more.

yoga podcast for moms and women over 50

Wini’s class is special for many reasons. The level of empathy she has for her students is clear. She might be extremely flexible, but she wasn’t always. In the early days of her yoga practice she actually worried her hips were fused because she felt so stiff—listen to the podcast for that story! She hasn’t forgotten what it’s like to feel like you can’t do it. Her attention to detail is also impressive. She always has a notebook in hand—she’s not winging it. Everything in her class is purposeful. And her sense of humor keeps you coming back again and again. That’s also what makes my conversation with her so fun.

And we don’t just talk about yoga. Wini and I bonded on a personal level because we’re both mothers of little girls, and we both became moms in unconventional ways. We also became moms later in life that most. The conversation also covers motivation, time management for parents (especially parents over 50), and the truth and lies of social media. I hope you enjoy!

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