Seeing is believing: the 9 coolest reading glasses brands

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“Cool reading glasses” is anything but the oxymoron it once was. Glasses in general have become a fashion statement, and readers are no exception. Gucci has led the way in making nerd-style ultra cool, and these glasses companies have followed their lead in creating readers that won’t just help you see, but will also help you express your personal style.

Many of these frames also include blue-light-blocking lenses to protect your eyes from hours in front of screens, and some also make reader sunglasses. So even if you don’t need readers yet, you can still get in on the eyewear trend.

cool reading glasses

Photo of Sheree Commerford, AKA Captainandthegypsykid via Caddis


Caddis has created a self-described cult out of the concept of owning your age. Their motto is “Get older. Own it. See stuff,” and we are 100 percent here for it. And it doesn’t hurt that their styles are on point.

cool reading glasses

A.J. Morgan Eyewear

This brand’s bold styles have something for everyone: from minimalist wire frames to statement-making acetate frames like those above. Also look for their sunglasses readers.

cool reading glasses


You can’t go wrong with Oprah’s favorites. And the price is right! Most styles are around $25.


cool reading classes


Eyebobs styles range from funky to chic, and we love that they’re not afraid to use silver-haired models since after all that’s usually who’s wearing readers.

cool reading glasses

Look Optic

The colorful aviator styles from Look are stunning, and come in a rainbow of other colors as well.

cool reading glasses

Nooz Optics

Nooz created what must be the most portable readers ever, and somehow also managed to make them cute. These armless wonders are so compact that you can carry them on your keychain. With the success of their initial model, they’ve branched out into more traditional frames with arms but still extremely light and compact.

cool reading glasses

Prive Revaux

If they’re good enough for JLO, I mean, what more needs to be said. But we will add that these are surprisingly inexpensive.

cool reading glasses

The Book Club

This pair from TBC’s latest collection is so Gucci and so good. Check out the brand’s Instagram for all its latest blue-light-blocking readers, which are made with BPA Free, recyclable plastic frames.

cool reading glasses

Photo of Carole Radziwill via Scojo


These slick frames are a favorite of Real New York Housewife Carole Radziwill. The styles are inspired by New York and include blue light lenses as well as readers.







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