Mean reads: Women in cannabis, toxic Microsoft, Michelle Pfeiffer’s clean perfume

woman with cannabit

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woman with cannabit

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Trickle-down equality: more women in congress means less sexism for staffers: ““It’s awesome. It makes you feel really empowered.”[Roll Call]

Ilhan Omar tells Stephen Colbert she’s not in congress to be quiet: “This whole process has been one of growth for me.” [Jezebel]

Islamic State: the women and children no one wants: “Al-Hol is a nightmare, a camp that has grown from 11,000 people, to more than 70,000. It is swollen with the dark aftermath of the collapsed pseudo-caliphate.” [BBC]

Is the cannabis industry as women-friendly as it claims to be? “…only 17.6 percent of … women in cannabis companies held a drector or executive role. This compares to 82.4 percent for self-identified males.” [Forbes]

Native American women are facing a crisis: “84 percent—that’s how many indigenous women have experienced physical, sexual or psychological violence in their lifetime, according to the National Institute of Justice.” [The New York Times]

Ashley Judd on Georgia’s abortion ban: “I would have had to co-parent with my rapist.” [Jezebel]

Michelle Pfeiffer launches a line of clean fragrances: “Each time we had to reformulate, my heart would go into my stomach,” [The Cut]

Women at Microsoft say it’s a toxic place to work: “One of the most alarming complaints came from a woman who said a contractor threatened to kill her on a business trip if she didn’t perform a sexual act on him.” [Vox]

What women know about the internet: “Online consent, just as it is with our bodies, should be clear, informed and a requirement for online platforms.” [The New York Times]

Joe Biden says he gets it and will change in video responding to his handsy behavior: “It’s the way I’ve tried to show I care about (men and women) and I’m listening.” [Washington Post]

April 2 was equal pay day, here are some ideas for closing the pay gap: “…at the current pace of change, the AAUW forecasts we won’t reach parity until 2119.” [NBC News]

What women in New York earn compared with men: “Black women working full time earn 57 cents “for every dollar paid to white, non-Hispanic men,” the report says. For Latinas, that figure is 49 cents.” [The New York Times]

How domestic workers enable well-off women to prosper: “Domestic labor is a model for the advancement and equality of upper-class women, but it depends upon a permanent underclass of impoverished women. ” The Atlantic

Networking: The most important thing women should do for their careers—but aren’t: “Although women are typically seen as more “social” than men overall, according to the 2018 Women in the Workplace report by and McKinsey, women actually network less than men.” [Entrepreneur]


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