Mean Reads: The mythology of Karen; displaced homemakers; suffrage’s 100th

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women's suffrage
10 Mystery and thriller books starring older women [Book Riot]

How an unlikely pair of women became besties in the Army [The Atlantic]

Brazil announces equal pay for men’s and women’s national teams [Forbes]

25 years after the Beijing Platform, let’s make women’s power culturally acceptable [The Financial Times]

Pathologizing desire [Boston Review]

Women’s sex life in lockdown are a comedy hit [The Guardian]

Nearly 250 women have been fatally shot by police since 2015 [The Washington Post]

Job hunting is a scary as a greying, middle-aged woman, but for now I’m ditching the dye [The Guardian]

A forgotten campaign to support ‘displaced homemakers’ could help women today [Washington Post]

Women in esports face wave of toxic criticism [The Dallas Morning News]

Nothing happens when women are raped in Nigeria [The New York Times]

McKenzie Scott has become the word’s richest woman [CNN]

Read Hilary Rodham Clinton’s ‘women’s empowerment’ speech from 1995 [The Atlantic]

The mythology of Karen [The Atlantic]

The RNC tried to win back women. Can it work? [Politico]

How the president’s problem with women is now the GOP’s [Vogue]

What is it like to be a middle-aged woman? A son asked his mother and then wrote a comic [The Guardian]

Archeologists have found evidence of ancient female fighters in China and elsewhere [Science News for Students]

Why it’s women who are the real starts of Amazon Prime’s Boys [Daily

Women got more speaking time than men at DNC [The Hill]

‘Vanguard spotlights the black women who fought for the vote’ [The New York Times]

A century after women’s suffrage, there’s still ore work to do [The Hill]

How women got the vote, in spite of Georgia [Atlanta Journal Constitution]

We must safe women’s sports for women [Star Tribune]

Women won the right to vote 100 years ago. They didn’t start voting different from men until 1980 [FiveThirtyEight]

Remembering the forgotten women writers of the 17th century [Smithsonian Magazine]

These councils shape doctors’ futures; now they’re all led by women [AMA]

Study finds women are judged against more criteria than men in job interviews [PsyPost]

Here are some of the women Kamala Harris said paved the way for her [CNN]

Overlooked no more; Leonora O’Reilly, suffragists who fought for working women [The New York Times]

The RNC’s pitch to women [The Atlantic]

Caitlin Moran’s ‘More Than a Woman’—from life lessons to sex advice [The Times]

Are women happier than men? Do gender rights make a difference? [The Brookings Institute]

Words hurt: unmasking the morphing middle-aged Karen [The Sydney Morning Herald]

Cambodia is trying to take away women’s rights to freely choose what to wear [The Washington Post]

Is a woman my age allowed to be happy when the world is going to hell in a hand basket? [The Guardian]



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