Mean Reads: Menopause stories; experimental fertility treatment for early menopause; over 50 influencers to follow

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Every Friday, we sift through news about women, especial Generation X and 50+ women, for interesting, important, and overlooked stories.

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My body on menopause: 3 women describe their experiences [HealthCentral]

Experimental treatment offers hope of fertility for early menopausal women [EurekAlert]

The buck increasingly stops with Millennial Gen X women [Financial Advisor]

Gen X and Millennials are in worse health than prior generations [WebMD]

So glad Gen X is sitting out the dumb Gen Z-Millennial feud [Insider]

The women over 50 proving that immigration reform is needed for business and society [Forbes]

Women over 50 fighting for equal pay [Forbes]

Cecelia Rouse and the women over 50 who are crucial to America’s economic recovery [Forbes] [perfectpullquote align=”full” bordertop=”false” cite=”” link=”” color=”” class=”” size=””]I was tired of seeing aging women represented inaccurately or ignored altogether by the media,” Salcido said in a release. “I knew my aging was not a problem to be solved and suspected other women felt the same way. I wanted to find and connect with that community.[/perfectpullquote]

Louisville photographer launches ‘Wise Women Project’ spotlighting women over 50 [Colorado Hometown Weekly]

Women 50+ are underrepresented on top TV programs [PR Newswire]

15 stylish women over 50 you should be following on Instagram [The Zoe Report]

Gendered ageism and women over 50 in the workplace [The Independent]

Second Act Women founders on how women over 50 can fee invincible, not invisible [Forbes]

Why these women over 50 happily got naked n front of a stranger [Sydney Morning Herald]

It won’t be easy for women to reenter the workforce after Covid, here’s why [Houston Chronicle]

How influencers 50-plus are changing perceptions around age in beauty [Glossy]

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