Mean Reads: First woman leads Army Reserve; NASA’s would-be female astronauts; green hair; lots more

Last Updated on July 24, 2020 by Kristen

female astronauts[Image: © NASA]

Woman will lead Army Reserve for first time in history [USA Today]

How does gender equality affect women in retirement? [Brookings Institute]

The Mercury 13: The women who could have been NASA’s first female astronauts [Space]

Why does a career woman dye her hair green? It’s more than a midlife crisis [The Globe and Mail]

Women and men differ in their willingness to help others who are crying, study finds [PsyPost]

What century does Trump think American women are living in? [The Washington Post]

Women are on the frontlines in the fight agains COFIC-19 [National Geographic]

On house floor, women call out abusive treatment by men [Voice of America]

U.N. director warns of a ‘shadow pandemic’ of violence against women [CNBC]

The 20 funniest tweets from women this week [HuffPost]

New women’s soccer team, founded by women, will press equal pay cause [The New York Times]

Midlife eating disorders in quarantine [PsychCentral]

Menopause and depression are closely linked [Everyday Health]

Cardiovascular risk factors tired to midlife cognitive decline [Medscape]

Gen X, boomers drawn to freelance work [Boston Herald]



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