Mean Reads: Fertility at 40; Coronavirus and Gen X; Trump vs. women who lead MI

Last Updated on July 15, 2020 by Kristen

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This is how America feels about feminism in 2020 [USA Today]

Ignoring the effects of COVID-19 in women could cost 5tn, warns Melinda Gates [The Guardian]

How do women become white supremacists? [Rolling Stone]

Women and men age differently—in more than just longevity [WSJ]

Fertility at 40: Why it isn’t finished as you age [Feed Leader]

New telemedicine service The Cusp rolls out at-home hormone test for women to predict menopause [TechCrunch]

What Blue Zones can teach us about going through menopause healthfully [Well + Good]

How coronavirus could do real, longterm damage to women’s careers [CNBC]

Conronavirus ‘squeezes’ the sandwich generation [Axios]

Coronavirus: Will woman have to work harder after the pandemic? [BBC]

The women who can’t get an abortion in lockdown [BBC]

Self help book for women over 50: Say yes to what’s next [Atlanta Journal Constitution]

Attention all women: Trump is coming after your healthcare [The New York Times]

Middle-aged women posed as key driver behind retail buying spree in Korean shares [Pulse]

Trump vs. the women who lead Michigan: A battle with 2020 implications [The New York Times]

Karen meme, explained: The woman the internet loves to hate [L.A. Times]

50 women at 50 part five: “The next few years are likely to be the most productive of my life [Hollyrood]

Middle-aged men and women likely to suffer more years of ill-health than older people [The Telegraph]

12 mistakes women make in middle age [Health]


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