Mean reads: Black girl pageant magic; billionaire women; HRT mixed messages

Last Updated on December 13, 2019 by Kristen

Taraji P. Henson

Taraji P. Henson, photo via The Heart Truth

More women should take hormone replacement therapy [The Economist]

Breast cancer risk from hormones may last decades [NBC News]

(Editor’s note: No wonder we’re confused about menopause?)

The world’s most powerful women: Forbes’ billionaire list [Forbes]

At NASA, 1019 was the year of the woman, but women are still a big minority [The Washington Post]

Taraji P. Henson takes on mental health, menopause, and the myth of the ‘strong black woman’ [Self]

Spain pushes for more women in special forces [BBC]

Taylor Swift honors women and slams Scooter Braun in Woman of the Year speech [CNN]

Repudiate Trump’s misogyny by electing a woman president [L.A. Times]

…misogyny is an essential ingredient of authoritarianism across the globe, past and present.

Female directors are being overlooked during awards season, again [The New York Times]

Finland’s new government is young and led by women [Forbes]

Women med students outnumber men for the first time [Today]

Black girl magic: 4 women are redefining beauty after reigning in beauty pageants [GMA]

What are beauty pageants really like for black women [BBC]

Retail turmoil makes room for women in the C-suite [Crains]

Women losing out in the automated economy [Washington Post]

Johnson’s casual misogyny has kept women out of the election campaign [The Guardian]

The general election was a historic night for women, but not the sisterhood [The Telegraph]

Why are women scarce in Japan’s elite universities [Gulf News]

Across the globe, a ‘seriousl backlash against women’s rights’ [The New York Times]

Weinstein reaches $25 million settlement with more than 30 women [The Guardian]

Former athletes investing in sports [The New York Times]

The GOP’s ‘conservative squad’ [Fits News]

The 100 greatest films directed by women [BBC]

The Ferrante effect: In Italy, women writers are ascendant [The New York Times]

Women who have been best friends for 80 years move into same care home [Tribune Media Wire]

Impeachment hearing show America’s deep conflict around powerful women [Vox]

Meet the women changing conversations about menopause [Today]







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