Mean Reads: Bernie Booed, Designer Amelia Earhart, Systemic Sexism at Sterling

Last Updated on September 21, 2019 by Kristen

Halle Barry

Women did everything right, then work got greedy: Working a reduced schedule for 18 years really sets you back. [The New York Times]

Anita Hill to Joe Biden: Sorry isn’t enough: The presidential hopeful said he regretted how he treated her during the Clarence Thomas sexual harassment trial. [The New York Times]

Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler opens second Janie’s House for abused women and girls: It’s in Bartlett, Tennessee. [Billboard]

The secret clothes-designing life of Amelia Earhart: She modeled her collection herself in Vogue. [Bust]

Why these Dem presidential hopefuls believe women of color should vote for them: They spoke at ‘She the People’ in Texas. [CNN]

Women of color slam white male tilt of Dem primary: Bernie got booed. [Politico]

Women with master’s degrees paid less than men without them in England: Black graduates are also paid less than whites. [The Guardian]

Pretty can hurt women’s careers: Even Halle Barry was not spared. [The New York Times]

Comedians working pregnancy into their bits: Pun intended. [The New York Times]

Systemic sexism at Sterling Jewelers: They own Kay and pretty much every other mall jeweler. [The New York Times]

Why don’t women get comebacks like Tiger Woods? Maybe they don’t get high enough to fall. [The New York Times]

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