From biomed engineer to jewelry and tattoo guru

Last Updated on October 10, 2020 by Kristen

Photo of Marie McCarthy by Aubrie Pick

Marie McCarthy started out as a biomedical engineering major at Northwestern University who had visions of becoming a doctor one day. But then she took an art history elective and she knew she had a problem.

The creative world was calling, but she wanted to prove she could also successfully complete her science degree, so she double majored. And that’s a pretty good example of how Marie has lived her life to date. In fact, she’s still kind of double majoring, running not just one but two disparate small businesses: Fiat Lux, a jewelry store in San Francisco’s Mission district, and Rose Gold’s, a tattoo and piercing shop in Haight-Ashbury.

She has created a life for herself that’s unlike anyone else’s I’ve ever met. She’s equally creative and intellectual. She’s a confident, savvy business owner and in Mean’s inaugural podcast, she shares how she got where she is today.

P.S. Here’s is a link to the Goat hammer reference I make in the interview, and, if you’re curious, Jared Bent was my tattoo artist.

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