Debbie Mink on how to re-ignite and protect your creative life

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Debbie Mink

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First a quick announcement: The Mean Show is now on YouTube! Click below to check out the spankin’ new channel which actually contains only this episode so far but stay tuned for more!

This week’s guest is Debbie Mink a midlife rockstar mom on a lifelong quest to integrate her creative life with the need in San Francisco, one of the most expensive cities in the world, to have two-income family. She started out as a ceramicist, has been a go go dancer (in the podcast I incorrectly say she was a burlesque dancer, apologies!), performs spoken word, and is a curly hair advocate. She has a new online course called UnF*ck Yourself and co-hosts her own podcast called Talking Smack 415!

Also don’t miss the fun song she wrote, Bangs or Botox. Keep an ear out for it in the podcast.

Pussy quilt blue bottle bags

Last but not least she created an amazing Pussy Quilt out of Blue Bottle coffee bags in response to the 2016 election. You can get a peek at that if you check out the video version of the podcast.

Pussy quilt blue bottle bags by Debbie Mink


Debbie Mink

Debbie Mink on Instagram

Talking Smack 415 podcast

UnF*ck Yourself digital course

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