Asymmetrical earrings: The glam move you need for your next Zoom meeting

Last Updated on May 21, 2020 by Kristen

Maral Rapp duster earring

Photo by @erickamccfoto / creative director @heidipos / styling @jhstylist

States may be lifting some restrictions put in place to prevent the spread of Covid-19, but Zoom meetings aren’t going anywhere. Tech companies including Google and Twitter plan to continue the work-from-home mandate at least through the end of the year, and smaller companies will certainly follow their lead. Plus—while I’m all about creating a friend pod—plenty of socializing will continue to take place virtually.

So, if your coworkers and friends are going to be limited to seeing your face framed in a common rectangle, might as well make it interesting.

One way to do that, besides adding a beach-scene background, is with unexpected, asymmetrical earrings. It’s a fun look especially if your virtual meeting is of a social nature rather than business. That, of course, depends on your business—if you work at a creative agency, you can probably embrace this look for online meetings; it might even be encouraged.

And pairing up mismatched earrings—or just buying/wearing one—is always a good idea, quarantine or not. If you’re planning your first out-of-quarantine outfit, some wild asymmetry is an important consideration as part of your look. Maral Rapp duster earring

Maral Rapp graffiti mesh duster single, $95

This stunner (also pictured above) can be paired with anything or nothing for some asymmetrical, shoulder-skimming casual glam. Rapp’s earrings are crafted using gold metal mesh recycled from a vintage purse circa 1950s or ’60s.  Also check out her Trailing Vine single earring.

Stelen asymmetrical earrings

Stelen Larise drop earrings, $28

These subtly asymmetrical studs will have your Zoom-mates cocking their heads to the side and wondering if your earring is upside down. Let them wonder.

Leigh Miller shoreline earrings

Leigh Miller sterling silver shoreline drops earrings, $210

Subtle, but different! You may be the only one who notices the asymmetry between this airy pair, and that’s O.K.

solitary pin earring

Solitary Pin by Iona Eleftheriou from Fiat Lux, $60-$190 (depending on the metal)

It’s a fancy version of that punk rock safety pin you used to wear.

gold pearl single dangle earring

Maria Black Agosto earring from Le Point, $85

Keep it refined with gold and a pearl, but make it edgy by wearing just one.



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