Serial entrepreneur Christine Marie Mason on founding 6 companies, midlife, and intimate wellness

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Christine Marie Mason

Christine Marie Mason, founder of Rosebud Woman

Editor’s note: In the introduction to this episode, I talk about my approach to getting more BIPOC women’s voice on Mean. I hope you’ll have a listen.

This week’s guest embodies everything I love about interviewing women in their fifties. Christine Marie Mason, founder of intimate wellness company Rosebud Woman, is also a mother, yogi, author and a veteran startup entrepreneur. She has founded six companies over the course of her career and sold four. And she’s far from finished.

A few years ago, after opening a yoga center in Hawaii, she could have easily kicked back and ridden her fifties into the sunset. Instead, she got the itch to launch another company.

Mason is passionate about helping women understand that intimate wellness isn’t just about the physical body. It’s about changing our personal and cultural stories about life in a female body, then liberating and transforming those stories. She wants to create more joy and less suffering by valuing the perfection of women’s natural bodies.

She explains in our interview how her entire life and career has culminated in creating products to help do just that. Rosebud Woman makes plant-based intimate skincare products to honor, soothe, refresh, and arouse.

Our conversation is wide ranging—we talk about everything from the experience of flying during the pandemic to having three kids under 3 at the age of 24 (while she was in business school, no less) to growing Rosebud women to a million dollars in sales in a year’s time.

I really hope you enjoy this episode!

Audio editing by Sofija Jovanov.

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